Quad Operator Firmware 1.0.2

Hi folks,

We’ve got a new firmware available for the Quad Operator. The original firmware shipped on units had some issues with CV control crosstalk—certain CV inputs were affecting other inputs in unintended ways in certain cases. Then, our fix in firmware 1.0.1 created a new bug. We’ve now resolved that. You can find more information about the issues over on our community forums: https://discourse.humble.audio/t/quad-operator-1-0-2-firmware-was-shape-1-input-affecting-oscillator-3-pitch/19/10

You can find updated instructions for firmware 1.0.2 along with the update package over here: https://paper.dropbox.com/doc/Quad-Operator-1.0.2-Update-Instructions--AjT__5ldQPicG9e4XvVj2au1Ag-p0LpWygFynjDKwV777wug

There remains some room for improvement in the update instructions, so we’d appreciate your feedback. Additionally, as a Mac user I have not been able to properly test the update from Windows. It may not work 100% correctly, so we’d appreciate if you can let us know if you get a successful result from it. Just drop us a line on social media or by the contact form on the website. We already have a few updates in mind that will be coming soon.

We’ve asked shop owners to update their inventory, though we can’t guarantee that they have or they will. Units coming from our European distributor Alex4 will be updated soon, as will units coming directly from our manufacturing partner WMD to US and other non-European outlets.

Take care,