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85 USD

***Distribution begins May 2019! Modular dealers, please contact us if you’re interested in stocking***

Expander for Quad Operator’s Algorithm Functionality

Where the unexpanded Quad Operator maintains a one knob per function design discipline, we nevertheless recognized the value of some more advanced algorithm-oriented functionality.

The Algo expander for the Quad Operator provides:

  • Saving and loading of modulation send knob positions for FM algorithm design reuse

  • Crossfade between pairs of saved algorithms, or a saved algorithm and the live knob positions


  • Power: +12V: <5mA, -12V: 0mA

  • Size: 4HP

  • Depth: 25mm

  • Firmware upgradeable (via Quad Operator)

  • Humble Audio products are warranted for 12 months from date of purchase